2007 Sarasota Reunion - Friday March 16, 2007

At the 2006 Cornell Reunion, a bunch of the Phi Sigs had a marvelous time,
and realized we couldn't wait another five years to get together -- so ...

The weekend of March 16-18, 2007, Alice & John "Pete" Haynes hosted
a reunion of 20+ Phi Sig friends, with lots of help from Marge & Steve Hall
and Margie & Jack Miller. We had a great time, and everyone pitched in
to help with serving, and cleanup, particularly the wives. Thanks!

Enjoy the Photos ...

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01_Haynes_house_in_Sarasota 02_Digger_dog_greeted_the_guests 03_Buddy_kept_an_eye_on_things
01_Haynes_house_in_Sarasota.jpg         02_Digger_dog_greeted_the_guests.jpg         03_Buddy_kept_an_eye_on_things.jpg        
04_Suzi_Miller_&_Alice_Haynes 05_Don_Nadeau_Rue_&_Erdmans 06_Alice_Haynes_-_Hoffman_&_Brinks
04_Suzi_Miller_&_Alice_Haynes.jpg         05_Don_Nadeau_Rue_&_Erdmans.jpg         06_Alice_Haynes_-_Hoffman_&_Brinks.jpg        
07_Hoffman_&_Brinks 08_Friday_dinner_spread 08a_The_wine
07_Hoffman_&_Brinks.jpg         08_Friday_dinner_spread.jpg         08a_The_wine.jpg