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We've got pictures!
Want to be embarassed? Take a look at yourself in these pictures from those weekend parties .. Ah, yes! Those pompous composites of the leaders of tomorrow. Here's a sample of the lots of photos from several reunions. This one is from 1997 - Bob Hoffman and Bob "BG" George on the ends ...
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Then & Now Pictures

Would your classmates recognize you now?
What have you done since graduation?

Send us a recent head shot, and we'll put it next to your photo from the Fifties!
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Miscellaneous Photos

We've got lots of photos getting organized ...

Recent shots of Phi Sig and Cornell from Tad Slocum;
A shot of five young guys on the Phi Sig porch in the 50's;
Some shots of the Phi SIg Float, etc.

Got snapshots from the Fifties?

Send 'em in to Comly ..

Got photos? Bio? Contact Jim Comly re getting them posted.
An unofficial site for PSK stuff from the classes of the Fifties ...
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