Phi Sigma Kappa
Gamma Chapter
The Chalfant Mural
The entering Freshman Upperclassmen trap unwary frosh Girls in Balch Hall attempt to find men The Graduate - bowed, wed with family Naval ROTC in Beebe Lake Skinny Dipping in Beebe Lake Celebrating in Schoellkopf Field Army ROTC in Barton Hall Trudging up the Libe Slope to class Making out on the Suspension Bridge The Leaky Valley Railroad The Crew Team on Cayuga Lake Architect's Dragon Statue in search of a Virgin The Libe Clock Tower Collegetown?? Party Tiime in The Frat House False front of the Fraternity Shack Whuppin the Pledges The Devil awaits

Painted by Dick Chalfant '53
Photo by Ron Fichtl '57 - Enhanced by Jim Comly '58 - Interpreted by "Pete" Haynes '55/6
Mouse-over for interpretaions -- Corrections, additions encouraged!
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Comments on the history of the Mural, on "Candlelight Dinners" and on their creator, Dick Chalfant
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